Accounting Services for Start-Up and Early Stage Companies.

At Daly Accounting we have an affinity for founders of start-ups. We have advised in this sector for a number of years and understand the challenges of founding and scaling a new business.

As well as proving the core accounting and tax services that every business needs we also provide services around funding and grants. We have worked with several companies in the technology sector advising on R&D and Innovate UK grant claims.

Research & Development

This is an area we believe we can add real value for our clients. The availability of this funding is particularly important for start up companies and many of our clients have used our services to make their claims. We offer a straightforward service which comprises:

  • A fixed fee , we do not charge a % or seek payment of the claim to us. The money goes straight to our clients once paid by HMRC.
  • A simple claims process where we assist with the reporting requirements.
  • As your accountants we will already have a good understanding of the costs which qualify and this helps ensure all relevant costs are claimed.
  • We offer an Enquiry Defence service should HMRC raise an enquiry. These enquiries are becoming more common and if your claim is subject to an enquiry we can assist with providing a robust defence of your claim.

To deliver the most efficient service we work with serval partners. This is just a selection.

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